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Virtual events

Maintaining the conference experience in the digital world is important to delivering value to all of your stakeholders.

Meet the Orcula hybrid meeting platform:

  • Fully integrated virtual/hybrid event environment
  • Built on the Orcula platform – latest web architecture
  • Switch lives event to Hybrid/Virtual in minutes
  • Range of streaming options dependant on audience and size of event
  • Multitude of tools to engage , educate and stimulate your attendees

Seamless Presentations:

  • Attendees can easily access session information and jump into a live presentation
  • Automatic session & meeting streaming
  • Share screens and presentations via the Orcula Hub

Exhibitor Engagement:

  • Interact with buyers and attendees via secure one on one video meeting
  • Take notes or chat with attendees instantly
  • Present with ease to multiple attendees capture lead information on the fly

Interactive Sessions:

  • Engage with audience with Live polls and Q&A’s via mobile app or on screen
  • Enhance your streaming experience with using Youtube Live Streaming, Zoom or Twilio

Other Features Include:

  • Virtual Exhibitions - View a range of exhibitor that you can meet and discuss business on line
  • Networking Functions - Attend online networking sessions for a closed group of like minded attendees
  • E-Poster Hall - Display e-posters where speakers can outline their papers