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Contact Tracing & Virus Prevention

Orcula provides tools to prevent virus spread for stages before, during and after an on-site event.

Pre-event Tools:

Orcula uses the registration process to gather information about a person’s health, their travel arrangements, and their previous interactions or locations they may have been to. This information is used to analyse and produce a risk factor and determine if a person is suitable to come to the on-site event.

On-site Tools:

Orcula uses on-site temperature checks to check each individual entering the venue or event space to ensure they are not exhibiting a high temperature and therefore more likely to be ill or carrying a virus that could lead to others being infected.
Orcula uses distancing, face masks, cleaning, and sanitising methods to help reduce the spread and contact of viruses during the full event.

Post-event Tools:

Orcula uses the on-site data from registration and on-site sign-in to know which persons have been to the venue, which sessions they were in, what times they arrived, and other metrics. Orcula uses this data to produce a contact tracing system for use post-event for up to 4 weeks.
The contact tracing system provides an online reporting system, that allows all personnel involved in the event (delegates, venue staff, organisers, speakers etc) to report any symptoms they might have developed in the weeks after the event. Orcula uses this information to determine if a notification to others in attendance is necessary and if other escalations are required.

Frequently asked questions

How is my data protected?

Orcula only collects data already in-line with the policy used during registration. (Click here to view our Data Policy)

We may use your Personal Data to help us whilst using our contact tracing and virus prevention tools. Your Personal Data may be used internally to determine if you have come into contact with an infected person, surface or area.
For instance, if a person supplies information to Orcula about a virus they may have had whilst at the same event as you, we may use your Personal Data to determine if you were at the same event and the likelihood of you being infected. We may then use your Personal Data to inform you of these results.

At no point will we use your Personal Data to share any connections, illnesses or otherwise links to another person.
For instance, if we send out a notification to you that you may have been in contact with another person that was showing symptoms of a virus; you will only be notified of these facts, we will not share any details of the person/s you were in close contact of, or indeed any further details such as times, or very specific locations.

Is the person that has become ill identified to others?

No, information provided by the contact tracing form is not shared with anyone outside the Orcula Team.

Will any of these tools prevent me from entering an event?

It is possible (depending on Government advice and other factors) that if you've told us you're showing symptoms of a virus, you may be asked to stay away from the event and other facilities will be put in place for you. This measure is taken to ensure the health of other attendees.