Features and services

Orcula provides a wide range of services to compliment all areas of your event.

Event Apps

Orcula uses published mobile apps to provide your delegates with networking opportunities, up to date information and more. Apps features also include delegate scanning, live polls, instant messaging, alerts and more.

Contact Tracing & Virus Prevention

Orcula provides tools to enable contact tracing and post-event reporting to assist with any reported medical conditions such as COVID-19 that may have developed before, after or during the event; allowing us to notify other delegates, staff, and venue personnel to reduce the spread.

Delegate Helpline and Mailbox

The Orcula team are able to provide 24/7 support not only for registration enquiries but also event enquiries. Orcula can provide dedicated phone numbers, email addresses, and PO Boxes.

Virtual Events

Fully integrated virtual/hybrid event environment for your next event.

Content Hosting

Orcula can host your presentations, recordings, and other event collateral after the event for your delegates or wider public to access.

Emails and Communication

Communicate with everyone involved in the event - attendees, exhibitors, speakers, vendors and personnel - through a sophisticated and robust communication platform. Orcula provides a wide range of communication tools such as Email, SMS/Text, Postal, Phone calls and more.

Our Team

The Orcula team operates as an extension of yours, we’re first and foremost event professionals. We don’t just provide event registration, we work Orcula into your event to create the best experience for your delegates.

On-site Check-in

Orcula can provide fully managed on-site check-in and badging services. Orcula can provide full registration services including on-site printing, check-in booths, registration desks, lanyards, physical scanners, and more.

Payment Processing

Collect and manage your event payments with Orcula. Orcula provides a powerful and intuitive set of tools and processes to ensure that you accurately and easily collect payments, report those payments, and track your profit and loss against any budget you have created.

Badge Printing

We're able to produce fully designed branded badges in a variety of formats and print on-demand or pre-event printing.

Accommodation Management

Orcula provides a powerful accommodation management system that gives you many features and capabilities when providing accommodation for your event attendees.

Delegate management and registration

Covering all requirements from registration, emails, function/workshop selections, badging, payment processing and more.

Interactive Tools

Use the Orcula app to provide interactivity to your event. Use the live polling feature to ask questions in various available formats or use the questions feature to allow delegates to ask questions in real time.

Event Website

Provide your delegates with live information on your event with an event website, including Agenda, FAQ’s, Venue and Accommodation information and more.

Post Event Evaluation

Orcula can provide bespoke feedback forms instantly sent out to attending delegates.

Event Reporting

We’ll pull together all the numbers and statistics and provide you with an easy to read report. It will include things like: Attendance rates, Registration speed, Feature usage and more.

Printing and Design

Our Orcula design team can produce a wide range of event collateral from Welcome packs, books, bags, branded give-aways and more.