Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Are there minimum or maximum numbers?

No, Orcula can provide registration or other services tailored to your needs. It might be registration for an event with delegates numbers less than 50 or more than 5,000.

How secure is my data?

We take every precaution when it comes to the data we handle and store. Every Orcula client has a dedicated database and we use encryption at rest and backup. To find out more about our policies, click here.

Is the collection, processing and storing of data secure and compliant?

Yes, the Orcula platform is fully GDPR compliant due to our Azure infrastructure and PCI Level 1 Security. Read more about our GDPR compliance here, or click here to view our data policy.

What mobile devices does this work on?

All our platforms, registration systems and apps work on all modern devices.

Can Orcula provide interactive services?

Orcula can provide interactive services through our delegate app, we have functionality where you can ask various question formats to the audience and also accept questions back. To find out more, click here

Can Orcula provide a portal for my delegates?

Yes, we create an ‘Event Website’ for our events. This can be designed in any way and can include any types of information or documents you require, for example this might be: Agenda, Venue information, FAQ’s and more. Find out more here.

Can Orcula provide apps for my delegates?

Yes, we have a delegate app published on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Find out more here.

Can I scan in delegates?

Yes, Orcula can provide a few ways to scan in delegates on-site with dedicated scanners, web portals or using our organiser app to scan with a mobile device.

Can I print badges on-site?

Yes, we have a wide range of printing options including on-site with professional event badge printers.

Can we print badges before the event?

Yes, we’re able to print and provide badges before the event begins.

Can we register delegates on-site?

Yes, we can provide full on-site delegate registration where we can provide systems to do this.

Can we control delegate numbers?

Yes, we can add in limits to the number of delegates that can register for your event. We can also provide multiple limits that my apply in difference scenarios. For example, you may need different limits for different registration types. I.E Speakers and General delegates.

Can we have waiting lists?

Yes, we can control waiting lists with separate forms or similar that automatically activate when your delegate limits are reached. Registrations can also be offered to waiting list delegates should a place become available due to cancellations.

Can we take payments?

Yes, Orcula has a full payment system in-built, we are able to take a wide range of payments from event ticket payments, deposits, hotel payments and more.

How do refunds work?

As a part of the Orcula built in payment system we’re able to provide refunds to the delegate either manually or automatically depending on rules set. For example, if a delegate were to cancel in 10 days they may receive a full refund, if they were to cancel in 30 days it maybe that they then receive 50% of their initial payment back.

Can we export our data?

Yes, Orcula has advanced logging and exporting features. A wide range of customised and standard reports and exports are available.

Can we have the materials for our event designed and printed?

We’re able to provide access to the Orcula design team to help produce any materials required for your event, we can also print and deliver these materials if required.

Can we provide delegates with email updates?

Orcula has a wide range of communication tools from email, SMS, phone and post options we can provide delegates with any information you require at any point in their registration journey.

Can we provide other materials to delegates, such as Agenda and welcome packs?

We are able to provide any materials to delegates either digitally online, in emails/post or in person.

Can we use Orcula as a point of contact for our delegates?

Yes, we have a wide range of options for help and support from our team that can be provided to your delegates. We can also provide bespoke support phone numbers, email addresses and PO Boxes. We’re also able to provide these services as a man-in-the-middle option to protect your contact details or to provide you anonymity.

Can we get session feedback and overall event feedback from our delegates?

Orcula is able to produce and send out a wide range of feedback tools, from on-site in-session feedback options or after event feedback forms.

Can Orcula manage accommodation requests for our delegates?

Orcula has a compete accommodation management function that can enable delegates to pick and select from a wide range of hotels and accommodation options provided. Orcula can also provide access to the system for hotel managers.