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Emails and Communication

Orcula provides a wide range of communication tools such as Email, SMS/Text, Postal, Phone calls and more.

Communicate with everyone involved in the event - attendees, exhibitors, speakers, vendors and personnel - through a sophisticated and robust communication platform. The Orcula tools allow you to send targeted communications before, during and after the event. One of these is Merge Docs, which can merge any attendee information into an attractive, personalised document for anyone in the database. Another communication feature allows you to target a specific group of attendees to receive a personalised document, email or text message. This can be helpful in the lead-up to the event, during it, or afterwards to thank attendees and collect feedback.

The Communications panel also allows you to schedule communications for selected groups at specific times. For example, you can welcome attendees on their first day, or set up a payment reminder for exhibitors who have not sent in their final payment by a certain time. In addition to sending information, the tool keeps a complete log of everything communicated.