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Event Apps

Orcula is able to provide access to two different apps we have published and available on both the Apple app store and the Google app store.
We provide our services across two different apps:

An app available to delegates
With this app you can:

  • Network with other attendees with the EventStream Private Social Network, including posting of photos, videos, likes and tags
  • View a list of attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, and connect with them with direct in-app messaging
  • View a complete agenda of the event program and build your own personal agenda. You can also take notes at sessions and export them for future reference!
  • Participate in live polls, session surveys, purchase function tickets and even invite other attendees to sit at your table at evening events!
  • Stay up-to-date with real time messaging, alerts and news updates
  • Connect with other attendees with the easy-to-use contact exchange feature
  • And much more!

An app available to event organisers
With this app you can:

  • Scan delegate badges
  • Scan delegates at entrance points, sessions, and more
  • Communicate with attendees via push notifications or on-to-one communication
  • View instant reports
  • Organise and run live polling and other interactive elements

We’re also able to produce bespoke apps, white label apps and more.