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On-site Check-in

Orcula can provide fully managed on-site check-in and badging services. Orcula can provide full registration services including on-site printing, check-in booths, registration desks, lanyards, physical scanners, and more.

When managing an onsite check in for an event or meeting, reducing wait times and long lines is always an important objective. One tool that can dramatically reduce wait times and lines is the Orcula Self Check In Kiosk. This portal allows your attendees to check in to an event by scanning a barcode/QR code or by typing in their name.

Once checked in, they are directed to a desk to pick up their name badge that was just printed. If payment is due, badge printing is withheld and the attendee is directed to arrange payment.

Custom messages to individual contacts can be inserted, and walk-up new registrations can also be accepted at the portal.

You are able to set up as many Orcula Self Check In Kiosks are you require. They can be regular computers, laptop computers or tablets.